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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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debris as flames rip through their home. the unexpected obstacle that kept firefighters from getting inside. >> road warriors fighting back 18 turf war. the new law keeping cyclists safe from aggressive drivers. >> we're not talking about a deluge of rain but we have light showers on the radar this very morning. we'll show those to you, we're talking 80s inland, 70s bay side, 60s at the coast. >> i'm tracking a couple of incidents for concord and walnut creek. >> a live look, this is san jose as it starts to wake up. a nice gorgeous shot for you to take in on this friday, august 17th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. we're following breaks news out of san francisco, fire investigators still on the scene of a fatal house fire in the
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city's excelsior district. we learned more about why it was so hard for the firefighters to get in and fight that blaze. christie smith is live in san francisco. she has an update for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i spoke with one of the first firefighters to get inside of this home and he said that there was so much debris in the walkway that they had a hard time even getting up the stairs getting to the victims. he said that some of the firefighters nearly had to turn sideways to make it up the stairs. i said what was in there and the firefighter told me it was papers, chairs, he said just stuff everywhere. they did find one of the victims pretty quickly they say on the second floor of this home on vienna street in the else sellsier district. firefighters say they saw smoke and flames pouring from the front window in the home. a second challenge, there was a live power line down from the home next door that made it difficult for them to gain access to this home that was
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burning. 60 firefighters responded and they say that debris was piled about eight feet inside in the house. they say that it wasn't easy. >> said that there was heavy smoke and flames emanating from the front of the building on the second story. that is confirmed to be one of the areas where we had a victim. >> reporter: arson investigators are here right now working on trying to determine a cause. they are also waiting for the medical examiners to come and get one victim out who is still inside. and they say that at some point they may have to move a lot of this debris out of the way to continue their investigation. firefighters haven't told us a lot about the victims but neighbors say that two elderly gentlemen lived in the home but i had one firefighter shine a light on the home for me as he gave me a closer look. just about every window here,
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the garage, the front door, you just see furniture, debris and they say that it was a real challenge even getting to the victim. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> also new this morning, police pursuit in oakland, unfortunately ends in a deadly crash. the chp confirmed a car led officers on a short pursuit and ran a stop sign before plowing into a tree. this happened just before 2:00 a.m. this morning. the driver died on impact, a passenger in the car now suffering major injuries. no word on why the officers were chasing that car. >> 6:03. the fate of san francisco's embattled sheriff ross mirkarimi is in the hands of the board of supervisors. after 11 long hours of deliberations the ethics commission voted 4-1 to uphold one charge of misconduct related
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to a fight in which mirkarimi bruised his wife's arm. the commission determined that domestic violence conviction makes the suspended sheriff unfit for office and will forward its recommendation to the board of supervisors. the board is expected to make its decision in september. >> back to business at oakland's campaign office. we have a live video stream, tough to see but this was posted by protesters who occupied the office. it started about 5:30 last night until about 9:15. a total of six people were arrested for trespassing during the protest. police say they did not use force and nobody was injured. protesters say they were demanding justice for bradley manning, the army private accused of leaking thousands of documents to wikileaks. >> meantime, the founder of wikileaks remains holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london.
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assange was granted asylum in ecuador thursday but british police say they will arrest him the moment he steps outside of the embassy. assange fled to the embassy to avoid extradition to sweden for questioning over allegations of sexual assault. >> oakland police are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to arrest in the deadly shooting in the drive through lane of a kfc. it happened at international boulevard and 73rd avenue. after being shot the victim drove his car out of the drive through and across busy international boulevard before hitting a building. he died at the scene. a female passenger was also shot but is expected to survive. >> this morning san jose police are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a boy. officers were called to the scene near 680. investigators say the teen was shot once and they say his injuries are life threatening. the suspect took off before
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police arrived. so far police say they have no motive. >> there is closure for an east bay woman attacked two years ago. police now say a suspect is behind bars. 37-year-old tiewon johnson was arrested where he was in court on an unrelated charge. police say johnson sexually assaulted a woman early in the morning on november 16th, 2010, on lincoln avenue. oofs say they were able to track johnson down. >> a bay area man wanted for a string of armed robberies is behind bars. miguel seen here was wanted for several holdups in and around redwood city. tips and surveillance video helped lead police to his home but he refused to come out. a hostage negotiator convinced him to give up. the business owner who he robbed
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says he's glad the video helps make the arrest. >> they have been robbed before, frightened. we don't say anything, just keep quiet, nothing's going to happen. well, they keep coming back, do whatever they do elsewhere. or get a real job. >> before s.w.a.t. teams hand cuffed the man a robot was used to sweep his home. >> a little heads up for drivers in san francisco. road construction will cause headaches for muni riders and drivers. muni will be replacing part of its track onto both avenues between church and webster street. work is set to start beginning at 7:00, as a result northbound lanes will be closed on church street near market. the jay church line will operate between balboa park and market street. things are expected to return to normal in time for the commute
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on monday. >> meteorologist christina loren is standing by to give us a look at the forecast. pretty nice day. >> an interesting day. good morning. thanks for waking up with us. this is a live look at san jose. hard to believe with this much fog all the way into the south bay that we have this on the radar. let's show you what is taking place. we couldn't see this unless we showed you all the way from space n. is what's really cool. showers in the bay area, and pretty strong thunderstorm that i'm watching in the tracy area. if you are headed to the central valley you want to take caution as we've seen a couple of strong cells roll through. this is how it works out. because we're getting more action, the area of low pressure coming in kicking up the wind, a little more mixture to our atmosphere the fog is already clearing in san jose. we started off with 3/4-mile-an-hour ago. now is when things are starting
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to change. we're going to keep tracking the showers all morning. what i can tell you you step out the door this morning you'll notice more of a tropical feel. it's going to feel muggy for about 24 hours, then things will change again. we'll take you through those. today this is what you need to know. inland, bay side, about 76 degrees. 65 at the coast. we're talking showers, potential thunderstorms. that's on the way. 6:09. first on your way to work. >> to the walnut creek interchange, northbound 680. disabled vehicle, three on the shoulder that was causing distraction and slowing as they moved to the side north of 24. another disabled vehicle reported just before you get to 24. so watch that area heading over to pleasant feel. 242, the ran ramp is blocked by a vehicle.
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a light volume of traffic right there getting onto the freeway at least. the toll plaza and easy drive through the area. no slowing right now. i'll show that to you on the map in the next report. >> thank you. well, we can tell you that a south bay city is set to make sure the roads are safer for bikers. a new law for cyclists going into effect in sunnyvale, set up to give extra legal protection to riders. bob is live in sunnyvale and has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this bicyclist anti-harassment ordinance the that goes into effect today makes it a civil offense for a driver to menace a cyclist, can range from assault to running a bicyclist off the road. much of that is illegal, just can't do that and get away with it. by making it a civil offense
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this ordinance makes it easier for a sicklist to take a driver to court. in civil court it's much easier to prove wrong doing since the burden of proof is lower than it is in criminal court. this ordinance gives the judge the disgregs to kiple the amount of damages that would be awarded to the cyclist if they were to win that lawsuit. sunny dale, in the bay area, berkeley enacted a similar ordinance this past member and los angeles before them. reporting live, bob redell, nb. $thank you. >> 6:11. coming up, he walked in with bermuda shorts, walked out with bling. we'll tell you about a rolex robber striking the peninsula ahead. >> plus, punks versus -- how it could alter a rock group. the verdict is in.
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>> the judge in the apple/samsung trial crashes an unusual joke. we'll take a look ahead.
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>> happening now, firefighters dousing a massive fire at a warehouse in san antonio, texas. this has been blazing since about 4:30 this morning local time in texas. a security guard says the flames may have been sparked in an area where wooden palates are stored. so far no injuries have been reported and no word on exact cause of the fire. >> a quick check of some of the top stories overseas. a newly recruited afghan police officer killed two u.s. service members today in the far western province of farah. the officer shot the u.s. troops moments after they gave him a gun as a gift. >> a developing store in russia.
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three band members were arrested in march after calling on the virgin mary to protect russia against putin in a performance in a cathedral. they face seven years in prison. the sentence will be handed down later today. >> happening now, the founder of wikileaks julian assange is holed up in the ecuadorean embassy. assange was granted asylum but british police say they will arrest him the moment he steps foot outside. he fled to the embassy to avoid extradition to sweden for questioning over allegations of sexual assault. >> 6:15. yes, shares of facebook have never seen such a low. they start trading at less than half the value that they hit during a big ipo. >> scott, a result of that lockup on thursday. >> right. that pressure does not go away. it gets worse.
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facebook shares fell to $19.87 thursday as early invest terse had their first opportunity to sell. there are four more dates on the calendar where this will happen again. the biggest in november when facebook employees finally get the freedom to exit if they so choose. lots of companies delayed their ipos after facebook's flop but less than an hour ago it filed the paper to offer shares. it's going to trade on the new york stock exchange. the financial world has been full of scandal lately, young bankers in england monkeying with libro for bottles of wine. banks accused of money laundering, bill gross yesterday called the stock market a giant ponzi scheme. we're going to hash out wall street's trust issues this sunday on "press here" after "meet the press."
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we should see the last testimony today in the apple/samsung patent fight. the judge urged the two sides to settle warning neither may be happy with a jury decision. closing arguments are next week. the judge has set a time limit to the amount of time that lawyers can talk. apple lawyers have a long list of witnesses they want to talk to. the judge in the case asked apple lawyers are you smoking crack, he said. the answer, no, your honor, we're not smoking crack, that is the correct answer, by the way. >> wow. >> that one has been a slug fest. we'll keep our eye on it. >> meteorologist christina loren is joining us on set to talk about the weekend forecast. you like that. >> i certainly did. anything that scott has to bring to the table and don't forget he is back with that gun coming up. it's a safe gun though. >> this is a family show. we have interesting weather shaping up. i want to start by taking it
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live because nothing tells the weather story like a live picture. this is san rafael, and you can see we do have a little bit of low cloud cover here, but take it now to san jose and show you, completely foggy conditions. so we've got kind of a mixture of everything out there, the micro climates making a big impact on our weather for today. this is what's so interesting. as we see the low clouds clear in san jose it will reveal mid level and high clouds and thunderstorm towers that are building up. take it to the radar. i get excited when i get to activate the radar in august. this is not our rainy season. this is tahoe. look at all of the subtropical moisture moving through. it's not just them, we're seeing the action, it's us in the bay area as well. so i want to zoom in to the western facing slopes around san jose. look at that, spotty showers coming down. and that will be the trend throughout the day. let's take you north to the clear lake region. look at this, thunderstorm just developed and blew over so we're going to be fair game for
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thunderstorms and showers, the higher elevations as we head throughout the day. this is what's causing all of that moisture, stirring it up into our atmosphere. an area of high pressure, you see that wrap around moisture. that's warm, moist air. in addition we're going to see moisture sucked up into the bay area by an approaching area of low pressure. this guy has been slowly tracking closer to us each day this week. and so now today we get the weather as the two systems combine. more humidity, you'll notice that, and then drizzle on the way for tomorrow. highs today, right around 81 degrees in san jose, 89 for livermore, comfortable particularly from where we started the week. look where we're headed to the low 80s. so we're going to keep tracking the showers and thunderstorms. let's see if there are problems on the roads with mike. >> i did see a lot of slowing northbound 101 north of 680, a burst of traffic over the last ten minutes but the last two or three things have calmed down
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so. the volume increasing but no major issue aside from here, north 101 to 880, the connector closed but use oakland road or brokaw itself, cuts around the area. no major slowing. allow a couple extra minutes. looking here toward the tri-valley area. westbound 580, typical over to the dublin interchange. christina talked about in crazy getting sprinkles. green showing you where it may have hit the roadways. there may be misty conditions and drizzle. no major impact to the flow off of 205 or 580 through the altamont pass. a live look at another east bay spot, i see the clouds and haze. no major issues as far as bblt and a smooth drive for the nimitz all the way into oakland and toward the bay bridge. and palo alto on the peninsula side. 101 moving smoothly past the shopping center. some distraction and slowing but
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an easy drive into san francisco. back to you. >> thank you so much, mike. he walked in wearing bermuda shorts and walked out with a stolen rolex. >> that is right. this morning police searching for a thief who snatched a very expensive watch from an upkale shopping center. the man asked to see a rolex at a jewelry store at the stanford shopping center. a nice high end mall. he ran out of the store with the watch valued at more than $8500. officers say the man was in his 30s, wearing a button down shirt and a pair of bermuda shorts at the time when he fled the scene. >> cool, calm and collected i suppose. a retro solution to california's current budget problems. >> and soccer moms start your engines. we'll tell you why minivans are posed for a comeback.
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>> welcome back everybody. it's now 6:24. you might want to call this one a comeback. a growing number of minivans are all set to hit the streets. sales of what some have jockingly called the mommy mobile, sales jumped 17% in july. minivans, you know they offer the better fuel efficiency and lower sticker price than the suvs. some owners say the minivan is
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also more practical for larger families, a lot of space to move around in. despite the resurgence, a total of four make them. chrysler, toyota, nissan and honda. >> state leaders hope to generate revenue with a blast from the past a. bill to sell replica license plates cleared its final approval. the measure would produce vintage looking plates from the 1950 floos the 1980s. sacramento hopes the program will entice car collectors to buy plates to match their classic cars. customers can expect to pay $50 for each. >> we bring back in meteorologist christina loren and if i get it right it's mostly nice today and maybe some umbrella tomorrow. >> yeah, you know, you mighting pulling out your umbrella today if you're waking up in the higher elevations especially the western facing slopes around san jose. we're picking up moisture on our radar, light showers coming down out there. as we head through the afternoon and we get day time heating i
6:26 am
think we're going to see thunderstorms. we'll talk about that coming up. 65 at the coast. let's check your drive on a friday. here's mike. >> it is friday so we're seeing a pretty typical pattern. jackson street on ramp to 880 is blocked. reports after van or bus with no tires. go ahead and use broadway. bay bridge toll plaza, friday late we see a later build. back to you. >> thank you so much. >> 6:26. many people will head to the movies to see the late whitney houston's final performance on the silver screen. >> sparkle about a young singer chasing her dreams hits theaters today. >> you can have a gift. it's how you use it. what did you say? >> the film was the first acting role for houston in more than 15 years, sadly, it would also be her last. in this movie houston stars
6:27 am
along side jordan sparks. if you're in the mood for action, get that testosterone flowing, the expendable coming out. chuck norris and bruce willisç and arnold schwarzenegger, just to name a few. >> 6:27. south bay road wars, still ahead. >> als burning house too packed with debris for firefighters to get inside. we'll have a live update and a new video from the deadly scene. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation,
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>> breaking news. sleeping residents trapped as flames rip through their home and just in our first look at what firefighters say stalled the rescue effort. >> arrest in a samurai sword stabbing death. how a man considered a religious role model became a suspect in a brutal killing.
6:30 am
>> there it is from wall street, a live look as they ring in the day and the markets today on this august 17th, a friday, "today in the bay." >> good morning everybody. the time is 6:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. back to the breaking news we've been following out of san francisco excelsior district. two men are dead after their home went up in flames. firefighters say it's not until they got inside when they realized this was no ordinary house fire. christie smith is live near the home with new information for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. two people did die in this fire, two elderly men. and firefighters are telling us that they were found upstairs. now it's light you can look at the home. they had a hard time getting up
6:31 am
the stairs because the home was absolutely packed with debris, furniture, papers eight feet high in places. now they are waiting for the medical examiner to get here so they can get one of the victims out on vienna street. 60 firefighters were called out as smoke and flames poured from the front window of this two-story home. another problem is that there was a live power line down from a neighbor's house. the firefighters had to deal with that first. once inside they say they struggled to move around the garage, upstairs packed, windows blocked. the debris smoldering. >> there was debris in some areas, many areas of the building over six feet tall, blocking means of ingress and egress. there was a delay in both getting to one of these victims and obviously it hinders the firefighters as well. >> reporter: they were able to get one of the victims out but unable to revive him. neighbors told us earlier that
6:32 am
there were two elderly men in the home and firefigers confirmed that for us. arson investigators are here searching for a cause now that it's a little lighter out i wanted to give you a better look at the home. you can see the garage there, also upstairs firefighters get a closer look at that earlier. and there is just debris everywhere. firefighters telling us that they are going to be here for several more hours. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a memorial continues to grow on a sidewalkç in front of a w walgreen's. dozens leaving flowers, notes and stuffed animals for a homeless woman stabbed to death. marcus reynolds used a samurai sword to kill the woman. the president of the naacp says he knows reynolds very well and he says reynolds is a religious man and role model for dids and that's why he's in disbelief and shock, reynolds is a suspect in
6:33 am
this case. >> what drives a man to do anything like this one never knows what's inside their head but we have to understand we need places where they can reach out for help and feel safe. >> monday night, a week after the killing, the community will hold a candlelight vigil for the homeless woman at the site where she was killed. >> a teacher is fired from a private high school in the north bay over allegations of inappropriate relationships with three students 30 years ago. the san rafael police department says it is investigating these claims but so far the teacher has not been arrested. so marin academy in san rafael has not released the teacher's name but has work there had for 35 years. the school asked the teach tear cut off contact with students and faculty. >> 6:33. making the city of sunnyvale more bicycle friendly. a new anti-harassment law going into effect. this gives extra legal protection to riders.
6:34 am
bob redell joins us live from sunnyvale and has all of the latest on this new law. good morning. >> yes. by making at civil offense now in sunnyvale for a driver to harass a bicyclist, it's already a criminal offense if you are to try to let's say run a bicyclist off the road, threaten them, do some sort of assault. now they have extra protection because if this happens they can take the driver to court and sue them. if you're not familiar in civil court there is less burden or easier to prove wrong doing where as a criminal court there is a higher burden of proof. it gives the judge the leeway to triple the amount of damage the cyclist were to win that lawsuit. sunnyvale i should point out is part of a larger commitment to make the city more bike friendly. the city expanded its biking network by 70 miles, added for
6:35 am
students riding to school and bicyclists can get over the freeway. sunnyvale is the second city we know of in the bay area install such an ordinance. berkeley did that in february. los angeles before them. reporting live in sunnyvale, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> could be a nice day to go for a bike ride. >> you know, i enjoy riding my bike through the east bay hills. good morning. temperatures are running nice and cool this morning but you'll notice when you walk out your door here in san jose. has a tropical feel. let me show you what's happening. live to the radar. this is lake tahoe. look at all of this rainfall coming down. they could get potentially 3/4 inch of rain in the tahoe region as we head throughout this morning. throughout this afternoon and we accumulate daytime heating i am concerned about thunderstorms right here in the bay area. especially around the western
6:36 am
facing slopes, surrounding san jose. we're picking up light shower activity. we have a thunderstorm develop and blow over just to the west of ukiah. it's getting active in our neck of the woods. whether or not you'll need the umbrella at your home. today 89 degrees. 65 at the coast. we'll take to you the forecast coming up. here's mike. >> friday late, those things are starting to slow down. i say finally like i wanted it to happen and i didn't. i want you to have a nice drive. 680 off at olympic, you'll have an issue. you are slow through the area. we move south on the maps we're looking at 5:80 through the dublin interchange and an easy drive, sort it out though the volume, these are better through livermore into pleasanton and dublin. debris around maury. i'll track that as well.
6:37 am
the other side of the bay, 101 with headlights past university avenue. southbound through the same area, the volume picks up. no major slowing, speeds down to the 60s at its worst. >> thanks. drivers in the south bay should expect to see traffic delays in south san jose. monterey road will be closed at blossom hill road starting at 10:00 tonight. the closure is to allow cranes to be put in place set to open next month. traffic signals and street lights will be affected in the area. and various side streets will be closed. the road is expected to reopen in time for the morning commute on monday. >> still ahead, it's a lost cause, why the united nation is pulling peacekeepers out of syria.
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>> new this morning, in thailand a fire swept through a nightclub killing four people. this was at the tiger disco, a popular spot with tourists, so far the nationalities of the dead are unknown. rescue workers say residents and foreign tourists are among the 11 injured. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. but sparks at a nearby transformer caused by monsoon rains may be to blame for this
6:41 am
fire. >> new details, the stubborn fire in central washington. 33% of the fire has been contained and it should be contained by the end of the weekend. 70 homes, though, have been destroyed and 35 miles scorched since the fire broke out earlier this week. about 9,000 firefighters in california are battling a dozen wild fires state wide including a 7,000 acre fire in lake county, that fire is expected to be fully contained by sunday. >> 6:41. coming up, is keeping the peace a lost cause in syria? why the united nations is ending its cease-fire mission ahead. >> how is this for getting caught between a rock and a hard place. we'll show you the tight squeeze. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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>> we have an update to breaking news in san francisco and a live look at the scene right now. two people are dead this morning after their home went up in flames. investigators say large piles of debris and clothing and materials inside made it difficult for the firefighters to get access to the fire to try to put it out. christie smith is gathering information at the scene and will join us in five minutes with all of the latest. >> united nations peacekeepers are packing up and heading out of syria. the u.n. says it's pulling most of its observers from the country after failed attempts to broker a cease-fire. the u.n. will keep a small office open in damascus. the syrian government has stepped up airstrikes in areas controlled by rebels. activists say 20,000 people have died in sear qua since the civil war began.
6:45 am
>> new this morning, it's been a growing trend, a afghan police officer kills two u.s. service members today in farah. witnesses say the officer shot the u.s. troops moments after they were given a gun as a gift. afghan security forces have opened fire on international forces seven times over the past two weeks. >> baghdad's sadder city is assessing the damage after insurgents attacked killing at least 59 people and wounding many more. the bombing and shooting attacks made it the country's deadliest day in three weeks, rattling nerves of families prepared to gather for a holiday weekend. more than 150 people have been killed in violence across the country since the start of august. the attacks are believed staged by al qaeda's iraqi group. >> from mccartney to madonna, this band is receiving support
6:46 am
from a who's who but three russian members of a punk rock band guilty of holliganism. the trial attracted worldwide attention as an example of russia's intolerance. the group was on trial. the three women have been in the band, been in jail now for more than five months. this case is deeply divided russia. the sentences are expected to come down later today. >> the founder of wikileaks continues to be holed up. assange was granted asylum yesterday but british police say they will arrest him the moment he steps foot outside that embassy. asage fled to avoid extradition for questioning over allegations of sexual assault. the wikileaks founder is
6:47 am
expected to issue a statement in front of the embassy on sunday. >> this morning the obama campaign continues to press mitt romney about releasing more of his tax returns. as the battle over medicare continues on the campaign trail obama and romney trying to convince voters their plan is the most financely fit. romney says he won't release more tax returns but while explaining how his medicare plan would work using a white board in south carolina yesterday he did give his clearest explanation yet of what he's actually paid to uncle sam. >> over the past 10 years i never paid less than 13%. i think the most recent year is 13.6 or something like that. >> romney has made his 2010 tax returns public and as you heard him there, he has estimated his 2011 return but obama's campaign is not satisfied. they still want proof. >> the white house is behind a push to get the nation's roads up to speed.
6:48 am
the obama administration will announce today a half billion dollars in funding for improvements. states will only be able to tap into the funds for transportation projects and creating jobs. analysts say the move is part of the president's strategy of sidestepping congress during this election year. >> 6:48. the past couple weeks we've seen a lot of heat. it's cooling down. we might have to dust off our umbrellas. >> from sizzle to drizzle. sant say that enough. good morning. let's take you outdoors and show you what exactly i'm talking about. two things i want to point out on this live shot. you can see low clouds, not quite all the way to the surface but you might find some pockets of fog. in addition to that, look to the bay. you see it's choppy out there. we have winds that will stir up our atmosphere and keep the fog from settling in for all of that much longer. san jose now, we're getting some showers on the radar this morning. i'll show you where. this is downtown.
6:49 am
we do have thick stratus clouds. once they clear look to the mountains, yeah, we're going to see interesting weather. let's take it right to the radar, show you where the showers are. this is where the bulk of the moisture is coming down when it comes to northern california, the tahoe area. in the bay area, we're getting a little bit of activity this morning as well. we promised this the start of the week. very unusual to see showers in august on the radar. that's what we're picking up this morning on the western facing slopes around san who saxt as we accumulate the daytime heat we've got the moisture, all the ingredients for thunderstorms to form once it gets warm enough later this afternoon. we've got two systems working against each other. high pressure is sucking up the monsoonal moisture bringing it into the bay area, in addition to that some of the moisture is also getting pulled in from the tail of low pressure that's going to slide over the bay area as you head through the weekend. not only shower chances today, we expect more drizzle as you wake up tomorrow morning and
6:50 am
sunday. that will likely be the case. the cloudy mornings, rain-cooled air will make for comfortable daytime temperatures. 81, that's it today in san jose. 65 san francisco, even the warmer cities across the bay i'm forecasting about 89 in livermore. we'll heat up for one day, sunday into monday temperatures level off into the 80s as you finish off next week. we'll track the showers all morning long throughout the "today" show. >> we're looking to the south bay. approaching the 880 interchange. no real slowing here. the maps show you that though 101 does have the typical build which starts later on a friday, that's why we're seeing that now kicking in. all the way to the airport, and here northbound at 101, the connector closed right now. should open soon. shoreline at the basically, a music fest. that will cause slowing starting at about noon because of the 2:00 concert.
6:51 am
we want to give you a shout out as well. 880 getting on at jackson street, following this, the bus that is there, reports of a bus with no tires. we got there, they said it was like a tour bus thing so wheels were reported stolen. sounds like while people were on there. much more of a story going on. we hope to update you on the web if we get more details and we hope we get more details. a smoother drive approaching the bay bridge. no big drama at the toll plaza. a live look will show you. at the toll plaza it's very light. back to you. >> breaking news out of san francisco where we are learning new information about this morning's deadly house fire and the excelsior district. we get to christie smith live on the scene with an update. still an active scene. >> reporter: good morning. it certainly looks like a horder situation. i spoke with the fire chief.
6:52 am
she says she took a look and has never seen anything like it. there so much in this home. looks like one of the victims may have been disabled and tried to get out but said that he probably wasn't in a wheelchair because there was no room to move around in the home 18 wheelchair. two elderly men died in this fire that started in the two-story home on vienna street. the fire chief described what it was like even trying to find the victim. >> furnishings, newspapers, lots of paper, food products, cans, that kind of thing. all pretty much jammed in. not a very healthy living situation. >> reporter: the second victim was just removed from the home moments ago. i'm told that arson investigators are here, they are working on a cause. again, this investigation is going to take time because they are going to have to remove quite a bit of the debris that was smoldering inside.
6:53 am
reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a man from alameda county is dead and a woman from southern california is seriously ill after contracting the rare hantavirus. the two stayed in cabins 100 feet apart back in june. the virus is spread by rodents and is deadly to humans about a third of the time. the park regularly traps and tests deer mice but is stepping up efforts and disinfecting cabins. since the virus was identified in 1993 there have been 60 cases in california. also in yosemite crews will resume efforts to find a 6-year-old boy swept away in the merced river. the boy and his 10-year-old brother were hiking the popular mist trail with their family from southern california when they stopped to cool off in the river. the swift current carried them away. the body of the 10-year-old was found about 150 yards
6:54 am
downstream. the 6-year-old is still missing. >> the rules of the road are changing 18 south bay city. bike riders in sunnyvale have recourse against aggressive drivers who try to run them off the road. bob has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. yes, this bicyclist anti-harassment ordinance that goes into effect today here in sunnyvale now makes it a civil offense for a driver to menace a bicyclist. harassment can range from anything from an actual assault to running a bicyclist off the road to making a threat. much of that is clearly illegal in the criminal sense, but by also making it a civil offense, this ordinance now makes it easier for a cyclist to take a driver to court, in civil court it's much easier to prove wrong doing since the burden of proof is lower than in criminal court. this ordinance also gives the judge the discretion to triple
6:55 am
the amount of damages awarded to the cyclist. this is the first city in the south bay we're aware of that has put in such an ordinance but not the first in the bay area. berkeley enacted a similar ordinance this past february and prior was los angeles. reporting live in sunnyvale, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> this story is a talker. who had the late steve jobs' ipad, kenny the clown, that's who. police say kenny used steve jobs ipad to entertain kids and tourists during his clown routine. he was given it by his friend seen here. earlier this week police arrested mcfarland for allegedly breaking into the late apple co-founder's home in july. police say he stole an apple ipad 2, two iphones, one imac and one mac book. he had no idea that the ipad belonged to jobs or was stolen until police showed up at his
6:56 am
door. mcfarland is due in court monday. >> a poll in the newsroom, this one checks in. this gadget friday is one of the best. top five. >> i enjoy this too. it's very clever. our gadget appears to be a nurf gun but it fires salt. its name is bug-asalt. a spring loaded gun that fires table salt and you shoot bugs. it really works. take a look. i'm going to warn you in this video flies were hurt in the making of this video. >> admittedly the shot gun sound was piped in. but look at that. isn't that amazing. it's worth $30. it goes on sale in september. indy go-go kick starter that's where they raise the money.
6:57 am
we'll have nbc bay area here as well. so how does it work? we've invited mike inouye here to get shot. >> i was excited to shoot the gun. >> no. you're getting shot. kids at home we are professionally trained not in any of these things but professionally trained linguist. turn around. there you go. i'm going to shoot you in the hand. ready. >> yes. >> hold on. safety. >> i didn't feel a thing. >> oh. >> it does sort of hurt. >> yeah. >> the idea is the tiny grains of salt are enough to knock the fly out of the air. it actually works about 30 bucks, you're right, jon. i think one of the more clever things, a southern california artist. >> you know what's going to happen after the show ends. >> need safety goggles.
6:58 am
>> going to chase us around. >> scott, thank you. great stuff. from an incredible gadget to video in china. look at this. rescue workers trying to free a little boy whose head is stuck in a concrete balcony. wow. he was visiting a government building in southern china with his grandmother. playing around with kids he decided to stick his head between the columns. not a good idea. he couldn't get it out. you can see once the firefighters got him out, he's shaken up. the boy finally freed. scared but we're happy to report -- he was unhurt. we can laugh because he was not hurt. he'll never do that again. >> meteorologist christina loren has a look at the friday and the weekend forecast. >> a little nervous being around the newsroom after this, so don't tase me, bro, you know what happens. showers in parts of the bay area, up to the higher
6:59 am
elevations this morning. as we head throughout this afternoon those will transition to thunderstorms. so, you want to keep your eye to the sky and the forecast. i'll be updating my facebook page. 76 bay side, 65 at the coast. here's mike. hopefully he's recovered. >> it's okay. looking here, the drive's all right. the tri-valley not showing too bad of a drive. i wanted to point out, potential for showers through tracy. we have mist on the roads, keep that in mind. crossing the bay, 92, no problems, no drama on the bridges. good stuff. back to you. >> thanks. the "today" show is moments away. >> here's a look at what they are working on. wasting your money with sun screen and all of those numbers? today show now investigates all of this. >> it's 73 degrees but it's 98 degrees out on the "today" show plaza. the boy band is back for a concert this morning. >> smoking hot.


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